The Record Corner

Shop for 2nd hand vinyl and vintage audio. As a long-time collector, music lover and loyal fan of vinyl, I have long dreamed of having my own record store.

Do you know the cult film High Fidelity or do you remember Revolver in Prins Hendrikstraat in The Hague? The kind of store with a good turntable and headphones to listen to your purchases first, well-stocked record bins and cool music when you enter!

With the rise of the CD, the record was in danger of disappearing completely and many record stores had to close their doors. Fortunately, today the record (vinyl) has made a comeback and (affordable) used audio equipment (vintage audio) has been sought.

The time to open the RecordCorner in the beautiful building at Boekhorstraat 191! The RecordCorner mainly sells 2nd hand vinyl and affordable vintage audio and retro items. Why buy new things when ‘old’ can last for years with a little renovation! Even that creaking LP can often be played fine again after a good cleaning.
Shop for 2nd hand vinyl and vintage (audio). In addition to vinyl (LP, singles, 12 inches) you can also contact us for vintage 60’s and 70’s stuff, ranging from furniture to flip clocks and vases.
We think reuse and sustainability are important and like to refurbish neglected and forgotten items to give them a 2nd or 3rd life. Often a thorough cleaning or a small paint job is enough to enjoy things for years to come.

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm and every 1st Sunday of the month from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
During our opening hours we can be reached by telephone on number 0702250193

Perry Lehmann (owner)


Our collection of vinyl and audio equipment changes every week. Want to know what’s currently in store? Send an email to or just drop by.